What it is Promotional videos involve a professionally crafted selection of components that stick in viewers’ minds. The secret weapon of virtually every major brand in an age where audio-visual messaging dominates.

What it does Promotional videos for business can encapsulate your branding messaging and the unique innovations of your products and services into a compact, tailored medium that reaches audiences in ways that traditional forms of advertising could never hope to accomplish.

What it delivers You can potentially double, triple, quadruple your marketing ROI with an appealing audio-visual clip to explain the unique selling points of your product, service, or innovation. Your promotional video creation process We work in close collaboration with you to produce a video clip tailored to your brand, style, and current needs. The process looks something like this:

  • Consultation


  • Ideation


  • Script-Writing

    Script Writing

  • Story-Boarding

    Story Boarding

  • Editing


  • Finalisation


We take as long as required on your promo video production to make sure the final product is comprehensive, captivating, and complete. (See Media Reel’s FAQ page for more details of the production process.) Taking your company promotional video next level using psychology of persuasion The Greek philosopher, Aristotle, is known as one of the founding fathers of the human side of communication theory. He proposed that communication is most persuasive when it contains three components:

Ethos represents credibility – your experience in the marketplace, your years of research and development. Logos represents the data points and statistics that demonstrate you’ve done your research. And pathos stands for the emotional component of the story you’re telling to engage with your customer. In the context of a
promotional video,

Ethos can be represented in the excellence and professionalism of your video presentation and emphasising the expertise of your company or product,
Logos can be represented in the data, statistics, credibility, and trustworthiness that you weave into your video,
Pathos can be represented in the emotive storytelling that you use to connect with your viewer.

Finding the balance in your video By balancing all three elements – ethos, logos, and pathos – in relevant ways, your promotional video can connect with your ideal target audience more effectively than if you had focused on one element alone


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