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What kind of sales boost could an explainer video mean for my brand?Answer

We don’t really need to speculate (hey, we know you’re well informed), because it’s already common knowledge that YouTube—a platform devoted to marketing (and every other kind) of video clip—is already the second most popular search engine after Google. On planet Earth.

Simple answer: If you have a service or product or idea to sell, and you need a lot of eyeballs on your brand in order to maximize brand recognition as well as get out the word on your unique product solution, then there’s a good chance you’re due for an explainer video.

What explainer video formats can you produce for my brand?Answer

You tell us where you want to feature your video clip, and we’ll provide the correct format and file size!

To give you a few ideas, your clip could be featured in:

• your brand’s website (top choice, chosen by majority of clients)

As well as shared around…

• at your next live conference presentation

• on your business Facebook page

• on your corporate Twitter account

• on your branded media YouTube account

• and/or as a commercial TV ad (TVC)

For a sampling of marketing videos and recent clients, feel free to check out our showcase page, including a brief on each of the case studies

How do you ensure that my explainer video is identifiable to my unique brand?Answer

We get it. You need to stand out, and don’t really have time to waste on a generic stock-photo-style marketing video that looks like it could apply to just any brand.

That’s why, as part of our design process, we help you choose a style that works with your objectives and reflects your company’s specific tone, style, and core values. We’ll design and customise a video clip that complements your existing print and web branding, incorporating the colours, logos and styles to grow your unique brand story.

That way there’s no mistaking your brand.

How does my video clip evolve from basic idea to dazzling explainer video?Answer

MediaReel workflow involves close collaboration with you, the client, to produce a video clip tailor made to your brand, style, and current needs.


First we consult with you on the basics of your project and budget.


At our main meeting we hammer out the basic elements of your design brief including your branding story, current vision, unique selling proposition (USP), target audience, and timeframe.


We script your intro and content with the appropriate wording, pacing, tone, and style. You look over how the script is taking shape and provide direction and approval on what’s happening.


At this stage we rough out an initial animation sequence for each segment. You approve the final script before giving us the go-ahead to move onto the next stage.


We produce the appropriate visuals, music, voiceovers, text overlays, optional live filming or in-person interviews, and any relevant animated elements to breathe life into your script. You sign off on this stage with any input that will make it work even better for your brand.


The final touches on the visual feast to ensure all your branding visuals, typography and animations are enhanced, the sound is mixed perfectly, your video’s timing is refined down to the second, and both you and your end-point viewer are, basically, dazzled.


We take as long as required to make sure your explainer video is comprehensive, captivating, and complete. Your satisfaction is our goal.

How do I meet up with your team?Answer

For clients local to (or willing to travel to) Sydney, we’re happy to come to your office to conduct an initial scoping session with your key decision makers.

Alternatively, we’re happy to meet over internet video conferencing software like Skype.

Just let us know what you prefer when you contact us, and we’ll accommodate.

How and when do i make payment for my marketing video?Answer

After our meeting at Ideation stage, and once our contract is signed, you will be invoiced fifty per cent of our agreed-upon fee up front, followed by the final fifty per cent on delivery of your completed video clip.Once we receive initial payment and begin the production process, we will also provide a schedule with the projected dates at which the different stages of production will occur. The production lead times depend on the duration and the style of video you select as well as how quickly your team can approve each stage of development.

Are there any ongoing license fees involved?Answer

Good news! After your final payment to MediaReel is confirmed, your explainer video becomes your property. There are no ongoing license fees.

I’m Stoked! I’m In! Where Do I Begin?Answer

We love that you’re stoked. So are we! Simply send us an email. If you would like to speak directly with one of our staff, you’re welcome to call us on + 61 0433 028 402

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