What it is Animated marketing videos involve a unique combination of visuals, voice-overs, text and music to convey branding messages in whimsical, playful, fun, effective and entertaining formats. What it does Animated videos for business are growing in popularity due to their flexibility, timelessness, broad appeal, and budget-friendly production.

What it delivers Your accountant will thank you when you can report an evergreen animated video clip that works while your staff is sleeping and that works right through the peaks and troughs of other fashionable trends. [Graphic] Your animated video creation process We work in close collaboration with you to produce an animation tailored to the specific branding, tonality and stylisation requirements of your message. The process looks something like this

  • consultation


  • ideation


  • scriptwriting

    Script Writing

  • storyboarding

    Story Boarding

  • Production


  • finalisation


We take as long as required on your animation video production to achieve an effective and entertaining product.

Taking your video animation production next level using psychology of persuasion

Robert Cialdini, author of the bestselling book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, has been referred to as the “great guru of social influence.” He developed six scientifically validated principles of persuasion that can lead to big differences to our ability to persuade others in an entirely ethical way. In brief these six principles are reciprocity, scarcity, authority, consistency, liking and consensus.



is what we feel when someone has done a favour or given us a gift. In this case, it could be said that Cialdini is giving us a gift – an animated summary of his exhaustive research, in an attractive and easy-to-absorb animation. Most effective promotional animations are much shorter, nevertheless that the “guru of social influence” chose an animation format to condense his ideas speaks to the effectiveness of this medium.



comes from demonstrated expertise. There is authority all throughout this animation, from the first mention of sixty years of combined research into the science of persuasion, to the sharing of scientifically rigorous studies, and the hard percentage data (in five of the eleven case studies and examples) of increased wins in cases where these principles of persuasion were used.



describes the way that we identify with people who are similar to us, and Consensus means that we’re more inclined to pay attention to a trend if we feel many others have done so. For a double-whammy example that encompasses the principles of liking and consensus, we see that throughout this animation Cialdini shares interesting stories, examples and case studies of people like us. In all, Cialdini used 11 examples and case studies in his 12 minute video, providing interesting little glimpses into the lives of employees in hospitality, high-flying air passengers, physiotherapists and their clients, real estate agents hoping to close more deals, patients in a medical practice, two sets of MBA students from well-known business schools, and eco-conscious hotel managers.

Applying persuasion techniques to video

Cialdini also put out a “Science of Persuasion” animated video which demonstrates in living colour how we can apply some of his principles of persuasion to the production of effective animated video productions for businesses.


How it works in your video animation:

You might have hundred-page manuals or mission statements behind your product or service or company, but an animation can be a gift to surprise, delight and entertain your ideal target audience and sell your USPs in just a couple of effective minutes


How it works in your video animation

Your company can demonstrate authority in your field similarly, through mentioning expertise, experience, tests, and data to increase your viewers’ trust.


How it works in your video animation:

Your viewers are often best served by visualisations of stories, examples, case studies, of people like them, or people they want to be like, people facing the kinds of challenges they’re facing.



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